Message from Chairman

As an educationist and a person at the helm of my school affairs, I strongly believe that the “Destiny of a nation would be shaped in its classrooms”.

9 Best Practices at Agasthya Vidyanikethan

Agasthya Vidyanikethan is one of the best school in Bangalore - as a school for our children, as a workplace for our educators and support staff as well as a community for our families. Come see for yourself what sets Agasthya Vidyanikethan above the rest.

Visionary Founder and Team

The guiding light and the driving force behind Agasthya Vidyanikethan is its Founder Mr. Manjunath Aradhya,

Our Certified and Qualified Teachers

Any Educational Institution is as good as its Teachers. Officially required certifications and qualifications are not a

Teaching Methodology

Our Pre-Mont, M1 and M2 classes are run in pure Montessori method. Our M3 class is run as a blend of Montessori method

Small Student to Teacher Ratio

We are not interested in over crowding our classrooms. All our pre-primary classrooms contain one main educator,

Personality Development

At Agasthya Vidyanikethan we keep a close watch on each child’s thoughts, words, actions and habits since....

Clean Environments

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. A sanitised clean smelling school is one of our top priorities.We are confident to challenge any stake....

Indoor and Outdoor Play Area

The Physical Education (PE) space is more about cooperation than competition. PE is an integral part of our school programme.

Transparency in School Operations

Every critical institution in a healthy society must be transparent and in today’s world it is the educational institutions..

Safety First

Since its inception, Agasthya Vidyanikethan has always given utmost importance to safety. We have total of 204....

Beyond Academics

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Helen Keller once opined - “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence”. Agasthya Vidyanikethan has always exuberated optimism and confidence which

Val-Ed Initiatives


Releasing the importance of values, ethics and morals, our founder Mr. Manjunath Aradhya entered in to an MOU with Val-Ed Initiatives headed by TEDx Speaker and Youth Ambassador from India at the Asia Pacific


Firstly we thank you for admitting my child Prateek. Y . Mahalatkar in your well organized school. We have observed and feel that your attention to each child is very good. In the sense your staff will give attention to each and every child about their necessities. Distributing plants on child’s birthday concept is unique. We like this concept, which only few school will do this. We also say that our child is growing with good communication, principles and with discipline.

— Yogesh K (Parents of Prateek Y Mahalatkar, I C)

We are very glad to share with you that, our daughter is studying in one of the best educational institution in recent past. With this we are very happy and proud parents and we know that she is growing with right direction with the guidance or highly professional faculty. Also they are taking care of each and every child from their root level, which is very essential and it will help out build a great career in future. We once again wish all the very best to the management and keep doing good work as always by ‘educating futures of our nation.’

—G K Prashanth (Parents of G P Siri, I C)

“This is a fantastic school and it would be the best school for our child. The school is very close to the home and we were impressed with early year’s department. Upon visiting Agasthya Vidyanikethan School. We feel that the warm, caring of the school suits our child’s personality & feel it is the best school in the area to bring out her full potential & our child is very comfortable there as at home, it was evident that the teachers really wanted to know each child & understand all of the individual. We are so keen for her to attend Agasthya School. Very Impressed with everything we know about it so far, including the environment they learn in, the education they receive & the development of the children’s characters”

— Anaveerappa A Madival (Parents of Aditi A, M3 A)

“The way teachers cares the children is really good. I liked the uniformity even in the school and lunch bags, so that no discrimination should happen between students. Mainly we like the education and also the way of teaching. I have also experienced the good respond from the teachers when I visit school regarding particulars information. To end up with, the celebration of school day and other events were amazing.”

— Madesh N (Parents of Sasi kiran M, M1 A)

“My son (Ayush Gowda V) Graduates M2 this June and it has been an amazing year, every day we found something new he has learnt. I am confident that this school has set a solid foundation of their learning path and they developed a true love for learning. The way his teachers have helped our son develop his individuality while at the same time emphasizing self- discipline and respect towards others, has truly been a heartening experience. I am so happy to see the positive changes he has been exhibited from his short time of enrollment. Thank you to all the staff for everything and special thanks to his respective class teachers of M2 A.”

— Vasanth Kumar B M (Parents of Ayush Gowda V, M2 A)
Agasthya_Vidyanikethan_Shreyas.H M3 C

I my hereby humbly submit that my son Shreyas H is studying in your school since M2. The journey so far has been truly amazing under the supervision and guidance of the experienced staff of your school. Here, I would like to mention the name of Mrs. Vinutha the class teacher of class M3 C who is teacher, a guide, a mentor and above all, a friend of her students.I really appreciate the dedication and the manner how the teaching and non teaching fraternity supporting my kid in learning many aspects in the process of his development.

— Dr. Harish A (Parents of Shreyas H, M3 C)

The support of the teachers has been outstanding. They also value and respect my input as parent. Agasthya Vidyanikethan has provided a multidimensional platform for our child to experiment as well as get exposed to various school of thought and experience. The infrastructure and facilities are good. The staff is more like a friend that cares.

— H S Renukaradhya (Parents of Yuktha R, V)

Our child is part of Agasthya Vidyanikethan School from past five years. In this school, children are encouraged not only in academics but also other activities like Chess, Yoga and Theatre etc. In this school teachers, staff and management are supportive and looks after child very well. They are open to the suggestions given by parents.

— Ganesha (Parents of Manasvi G, V)

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