Primary (Class 1 To 7)

  • Education is also imparted through “Multiple Intelligences Method” which was invented by Dr.Howard Garner.

  • “Chess Classes” are introduced and continued to enhance critical thinking abilities and decision making.

  • “Yoga Classes” are introduced and continued to ensure fine balance with respect to Mind, Body and Soul of each individual.

  • Moral Values

  • House Colours and Band

  • “Theatre classes” are continued further to enhance confidence and expressions as well as overcome the development of stage fear.

  • The student to staff ratio for our pre-mont classes is 15:1

Management of inappropriate behaviour is dealt with tactfully and compassionately, ensuring students realise and accept responsibility for their actions and focuses upon developing and rebuilding relationships. All children of our primary classes begin each week with a green star on their uniform. At Agasthya Vidyanikethan, corporal punishment is strictly prohibited. None of our educators or support staff are permitted to use force and coercion to enforce discipline. Simultaneously, we understand that our children during the initial days would require immense hand-holding to learn behaving in a group. In case of unruly or unexpected behaviour from the child, Agasthya Vidyanikethan adopts the following protocol:

  • The child is given a verbal warning.

  • A green star is changed to a yellow star.

  • If there is a further incidence of unacceptable behaviour the child receives a second yellow star.

  • The child is sent to speak to the principal to discuss their behaviour and spends five minutes in her office.

  • The child’s parents are contacted by the office of principal and the incidence is recorded.

  • During the day, incidents of good behaviour are rewarded by changing the star first to silver and then to gold. Children on gold at the end of the week are awarded 2 house points.