Guidelines to Students

  • Strict discipline is to be maintained by every student of AV w.r.t conduct, behaviour, punctuality, regularity, cleanliness, appearance, uniform etc.

  • Every student must be regular in completing and submitting home assignments within prescribed time limits.

  • The official medium of instruction at AV is English. Hence, communicating in English is a must when at school. However communicating in other languages (Kannada and Hindi) shall be insisted upon during the respective class hours.

  • Utmost care should be taken to protect and preserve school property. Any damage done to the school property will have to be made good by the parent / guardian of the child.

  • Books, Lunch bags, shoes and other articles brought to school should have the name of the student, class and section marked on them. Students must take care of their personal belongings. School shall not be responsible for any loss of personal items / property brought by the students to School.

  • The following behaviour on the part of students will be taken as offences and such students will be liable for punishments.

    • Use of indecent or abusive language.

    • Rude behaviour towards staff members.

    • Disobedience towards staff or violation of school rules.

    • Cheating, lying, stealing and Rude behaviour towards fellow students.

    • Damaging school property or tampering school library books.

    • Not dressing up in proper uniform, irregularity in work or to school, not being punctual to class or assembly.

    • Bringing books, pictures, mobile phones, magazines, comics, audio or video content that are objectionable.

    • Misbehaviour in class, or during assembly or in the absence of teacher.

    • Habitual late coming.

    • Leaving the School premises without permission.

    Management of inappropriate behaviour is dealt with tactfully and compassionately, ensuring students realise and accept responsibility for their actions and focuses upon developing and rebuilding relationships. At AV, corporal punishment is strictly prohibited. None of our educators or support staff are permitted to use force and coercion to enforce discipline. However in extreme cases, punishment could include suspension from School and debarring from exams, and even expulsion from School, if necessary.